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Are superfoods good for weight loss?

Are superfoods good for weight loss?

Yes, there is a wide range of superfoods that can be absolutely beneficial for your weight loss goals.

However, relying on superfoods without practicing the fundamentals of a healthy nutrition is the quickest way to a super-disappointment.

After you read this blog you will know how weight loss works and how superfoods can help in this process. Also, you’ll discover how to optimize your weight loss regime so that superfoods can have the biggest impact.

How Does Weight Loss Work?

Weight loss is the consequence of your body compensating for a caloric deficit. This means that when there is not enough energy entering the body, your system will use fatty tissue to make up for the reduction.

There are two ways a caloric deficit can occur:

  1. An absolute deficit, which means that you eat less than you burn.
  2. A relative deficit, which means that you eat enough but you could have digestive issues or hormonal imbalances. This affects the way your body burns food.

The first way is the way to go if you want to lose weight in a healthy fashion.

That means that you calculate your basal metabolic rate (BMR). This is the number of calories you burn when you wouldn’t move all day. Then, there is a number of calories you use for your activities throughout the day.

Let’s use the example of Chandler. He’s a 32-year-old marketing agent that entered the gym to lose weight. His base metabolic rate is 2000 kcal and he burns 600 kcal on average based on his activity level.

Now, if Chandler wants to lose weight, he needs to eat 300 kcal less than he uses. That would be 2600 – 300 = 2300.

Chandler’s approach is a healthy way to lose weight. Don’t cut more than 300 kcal because this will interfere with bodily processes. Also, it makes it harder to focus throughout the day and you’ll be hungrier. Which makes you prone to binge-eating.

Now, when you are losing weight in a controlled and healthy way, it’s time for superfoods.

How Are Superfoods Good for Weight Loss?

Superfoods are good for weight loss because they speed up digestion, help you regulate appetite and feel satisfied longer.

1. Speed Up Digestion

The quicker your digestion the quicker the energy you generate energy out of food. It also means that your body switches to burning your fat quicker. Eat plenty of legumes, chia, flax seeds, oats, and broccoli for their fiber and even digestive enzymes.

Fiber is essential for efficient digestion.

2. Regulate Appetite

Your appetite is regulated by two hormones:

  1. Grehlin, which improves appetite
  2. Leptin, which decreases appetite

The same fiber that speeds up your digestion also has an inhibitory effect on ghrelin.

Isn’t that great? Quicker digestion and less hunger, all from the same source.

3. Improve Satiety

Healthy fats that come from superfoods like avocado, salmon, nuts and seeds satisfy for a longer time. Their fat content makes them slower to digest, which keeps you from eating something else.

Combine Super Foods with a Solid Weight Loss Program

Weight loss can easily be overdone. Cutting too many calories makes the program unsustainable. You’ll often regain your weight after, and you won’t be able to focus at work nor achieve anything in the gym.

Yet, if you cut up to 300 calories, move often and add superfoods to improve weight loss, you’re bound to succeed.

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