when is the best time to juice or drink PhytoFood?

When is the best time to drink PhytoFood?

In general, you may juice, eat healthy foods, or in this case, drink PhytoFood at any time of the day or evening. 

There is no blanket rule that applies equally to every person. Lifestyles, work schedules, and personal preferences usually determine nutritional patterns.

You may juice at any time of the day, breaking the consensus of a morning-only ritual.

man climbing hiking a mountain after juicing in the morning However, people who juice in the morning are not doing out of sheer coincidence. Some studies suggest your nutrient absorption is higher before breaking fast.

Does that mean that you can only juice in the morning? Absolutely not, specially if you are juicing with PhytoFood.

Unlike traditional juicing, PhytoFood  contains fiber, probiotics, and digestive enzymes; making it an ideal drink after a large meal, a late dinner, a late night at work, a heavy day at the gym, during a hike, after a long flight, or at any occasion of your personal preference.

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