Five [Completely Biased] Reasons Why Every Dad Needs his Superfoods.


Father’s Day is just around the corner, giving us a great opportunity to make a positive impact in dad’s busy life.

Below are five reasons why every dad deserves the gift of wellness.

And yes… 

We are obviously completely biased.

So without further ado: Let’s skip all other gift ideas involving tool kits, grills, and car accessories; and get right into the gift of wellness.

Father carries son on his shoulders in a sunny spring day after drinking his daily superfoods

1. Wellness lasts longer.

A healthy nutrition and consistent physical activity will keep dad healthy over the years; so he can always be there for the family.

PhytoFood contains over 35 superfoods, promoting wellness and happiness that cannot be replaced by any other gift. 

2. Strength is mandatory.

A father must be able to endure sacrifices, challenges, and commitment.

Juicing with PhytoFood every morning can improve nutrition, health, strength, and mental clarity.  Giving dad the strength to get after his goals every single day.

A man pushes heavy weights on the ground as an exercise for his core and legs for his fitness and wellness goals.
A father with healthy habits including drinking PhytoFood every morning, is running a marathon.

3. Superfoods correct unbalances.

Long work days, business trips, stress, you name it. 

There will be times when dad is unable to eat clean or has “cheat days” instead of “cheat meals”. 

Keep him in the race longer.

PhytoFood can help correct these unbalances by improving his digestion with fiber, enzymes, and probiotics.

4. Wellness is something couples can share.

PhytoFood is non-exclusive, meaning your whole family can partake in drinking superfoods.

Why drink orange juice with 30 grams of sugar when you can juice greens with less than 1 gram of sugar?

It’s that touch of extra care the entire family can share.

A couple doing acroyoga also shares healthy habits at home, including drinking their PhytoFood superfoods everyday.
A man hanging from hoops while exercising his core and back muscles

5. Because being fit is sexy.

Unfortunately we did not create the magical pill that guarantees six-pack abs and huge biceps in 48 hours.

Instead, we crafted a convenient superfoods juice dad can make in seconds every morning.

PhytoFood is the perfect match for active lifestyles filled with hard work, dedication, discipline, a healthy nutrition, and physical activity.

And that’s sexy.

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