fitness girl holding her phytofood 30 serving bottle and her green juice made with phytofood superfoods powder

What does PhytoFood taste like?

PhytoFood has natural berry flavors and it is sweetened with stevia (a plant-based sugar substitute with no calories) giving it a pleasant taste that all kids, teens, parents, and even Mr. Musk or any other alien visiting from Mars would love. Of course we are a little biased, but here’s the truth: 

You must drink greens, period. 

Superfood Greens are beneficial for your health, how can we possibly find a better reason?

All greens are NOT created equal.  

It is not uncommon to hear from other PhytoFoodies (see what we did there) that their previous choice of greens before they switched to NutraHouse tasted like hell. Maybe more like a wet, moisty, and grassy hell. HOWEVER, we are of the opinion that taste is still relative to each individual and that in the absence of PhytoFood, we would still drink any greens available as the health benefits will always outweigh any sort of personal taste preference.

After years of trying green powders I have finally found a product of great quality with great taste! The blend is filled with great ingredients such as aloe, spirulina and chia, plus fruits, probiotics and much much more. I teach many yoga classes a week and Phyto Food is my favorite to go snack as it is practical and it gives me energy to practice yoga and run around. I have been recommending Nutrahouse Phyto Food to all of my friends and students! Quality and taste guaranteed!

Patricia RendaVerified Amazon Review.

No artificial flavors, no artificial sweeteners, and no preservatives.

Because we care more about your health, than your feelings. Just kidding, we truly care about your feelings; and you will feel great throughout the day after you drink our all natural superfoods juice. In fact, chances are 30 minutes after you drink an artificial juice, energy drink, or soda you will feel how sugar and other artificial ingredients negatively affect your productivity and mood.

A picture is worth a thousand words… But GIFs are way cooler.

hundreds of customers taste PhytoFood at Yoga and Fitness event in Dubai UAE organized by

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